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Google Ads: Adsense Master Guru

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Learn the basic tools, functions of how to use adsense on your website and how to use adsense as a way of adding extra income to your online activities.


Become an Adsense Master

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Become a adsense user and master how to add adsense to your website creating ads that match your site and help the user experience.

What is adsense, how to get an account and install code
How to create ads and where to put them on your site
What are the best plug ins and wordpress themes for adsense
How to master page level ads
Build you income with Split posts

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Adding a dimension to your website
Learning the fundamentals of adsense will allow you to create extra income opportunities when considering creating a blog or commercial website. Google adsense is the only free advertising platform that allows your website to display advertisements and you get paid for doing so.
Through putting adsense ads on your site you can enhance the user experience with ads that are customised to the content of your website and its content.


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Content and Overview

Suitable for beginners or people that already have a website but do not know how to use adsense, this course of over 28 lectures walks you through step by step of how to get an adsense account, how to keep it and not get banned, and how to create effective ads that match the colours and content of your website.

Starting with an overview of what adsense is, how to get an account and how to conduct your account, we quickly move onto to creating ads, matching the look and feel of your website, creating the code and installing it on your site.

We then look at where to place these ads on your site to gain maximum exposure and the potential to increase the revenue earn from your website.

We explore the new ad concept from Google – Page level ads and how you can use these as part of your adsense marketing strategy to ensure your ads are shown on mobile devices. The course explores the myths around what can be earned from adsense and gives examples of sites earning considerable sums on a monthly basis.

The course then moves on to a little known advertising strategy called split posts and teaches how to use these within your page or post production.

Students completing this course will learn many new ways and resources for creating adsense ads for their websites and this will give them a better understanding of how adsense works and the parameters it operates in and its earning potential. The course provides extra resources and a 40 page E book to act as a reference manual completion.


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