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How To Get A Million Visitors To Your Blog

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Many people will tell you ‘that slow and steady wins the race’ when it comes to blogging and that blogging is not an instant make you rich quick activity. That might be fine if you are just looking to blog for pleasure but it is not if you want to blog to earn a decent income.

No one is saying don’t blog for fun but you probably won’t reach a 1 million Page Views, or even triple your page views in year if you take this approach.

Like anything in life you get out of blogging what you put in, it is usually a little luck and bucket loads of hard work.

To make your blog work for you you have to put the work in. I would suggest at least 4 hours a day an even that may not be enough – with blogging there is always something you could be doing!

So how do you get those million page views and what does your work flow look like?

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    • As far as possible you must post each day. If you post frequently it will bring you more readers  and more authority.
    • You must use social media to build your reputation and online profile. If your a blogger look to join Facebook groups that have the same interests and post on the groups regularly. Let people get to know you and what you are about. Share posts with others if you can, post on each others pages.
    • When you first start this wonderful world of blogging it may seem like you are slogging away for little if any return. You have to persevere and work hard at the beginning and it will soon become plain sailing.
    • Re-use old content to cut back your time. You can go back in and edit old posts, change the images around and re-post it. 90% of your readers will not even recognise it!
    • Get a work blog/life balance. Remember your family come first you can never devote 100% to your blog or 100% to your family – so make sure you put time aside for both.
    • Write in your notes section and not online. Then copy it to your blog, you will get much more done.

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  • Pin every singled and use the tool Board Booster. Board Booster allows you to schedule pins and really make Pinterest work for you. It helps to boost your pinterest followers and reach because you will be pinning more consistently than you were before.
  • Find like minded people and make joint projects together, use Google plus or Skype.
  • Use a powerful email marketing provider like CovertKit to grow and manage your email lists.
  • Think about how you can add a money making link in each post that you write. Try and find ways of adding naturally occurring affiliate links.
  • I can’t stress this enough – but make you images your #2 priority after your content – a goo damage is worth a thousand words.
  • If you do not promote your blog – no one else will – people are not going to magically find it – you have to share your content!
  • Relationships matter in blogging – create good relationships with other bloggers and they will help you in return.
  • Don’t put all your content in one basket ( social media that is). Share your content around! Post it everywhere you can, not just on one source.
  • Find new ways to make money with your blog – sell content and grow your ad earnings.

So there is always a ton of stuff to do blogging. However, if you treat blogging as a real job it can pay off and you can get to your 1 million page views in 12 months.

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