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Googles Biggest Change for 15 years to Transform The Internet

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Google are planning what might be the biggest change to the internet in October of this year.

Google are planning to expand their text ads ( shown around search results) by almost nearly 50 percent.

This will make it more difficult for the general public to tell advertising paart from the organic listings we have been used to. This will have huge implications for businesses large and small.

The change would most likely result in an increase in the costs of Google advertising and potentially reduce the value of organic search results

If you track the changes Google has made over the last few years.

It has already moved its text Adwords off the side of search results pages, whilst also including an additional advertising slot for some search results, this sparked more competition for listings at the top and bottom of the page.

What this has meant is that people now have to scroll down the page to access the organic listings, below the so-called fold.

Recently they have introduced Expanded Text Ads which are optimised for mobile search which seems to be driving increased search volume across the internet network.

extended text ads

With Expanded Text Ads you can use 35 characters for the description instead of 25, you also now have two 30 character headlines and a one sizeable 80-character description.

It looks like organic listings may start to look more insignificant and less appealing in comparison.

It is hard to say at the moment exactly what the implications will be from Expanded Text Ads, however it seems that this will lead to less space and less prominence for organic search results.

This will be significant for business. More companies will have to consider Adwords if they want to be found online and they will more likely have to pay more to compete.

This could be a significant change for the internet and for companies that rely on Google traffic for sales.

Companies need to wake up and make sure they understand what is happening and how they need to respond to Expanded Text Ads.

How to Improve Conversions

If you are a business who are using adwords here are some tips to help improve your conversions.

1. Make sure you update your Google Adwords account to use the new ad format – text ads in the old format may look ineffectual and less appealing when compared to competitors expanded ads.

2. Make sure you use the extra space to differentiate your business by using a compelling message that will get people to click on your ad.

3. Always bear in mind that when people go to Google it is to solve a problem. Being a credible business is also high on the list, so use the extra space and characters to mention your years of experience and the scope of the problems that you can solve.

4. Make sure you closely monitor your adwords account whilst these changes are rolling out. Now is not the time to set and forget.

5. Make sure you take action on those campaigns that are failing and likewise capitalise on winning ads.

Businesses and companies that rely on organic listings to generate sales leads might see a drop in traffic as the organic search becomes less prominent.

Those businesses that are already relying on Google Adwords need to ensure that they have a strong sales message as competition increases and clicks may start to come at a higher price.

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