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8 Top Secrets from the Top Bloggers in the World

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Every reader knows a great blogger when they see it, and terrible writing, grammatical errors, and unattractive images will end you up in an exile from the blogger world. When a writer thinks too much before penning down each word, the writing suffers even more. Becoming one of the top bloggers requires dedication and creativity, which will help in connecting with the audience and increase your followers.

Here are eight secrets of top blogger that will revolutionize your blogging ideas and skills-

  1. Write Useful and Relatable Content

Writing your personal experience is good for the blog, but your content should also include valuable articles that people will search on the web to get answers to their questions. Whether you want to be a successful travel blogger or a fashion blogger, addressing reader’s problems and providing a creative solution will help you build a loyal audience.

  1. Research More on What People are Searching

When it comes to creating useful articles, you must be aware of the requirements and trending questions people are asking on various platforms like Reddit and Quora. You can read comments and email them to find out more about what they would like to read. If your content is about what majority of people are looking for, it increases the probability of more shares, comments, and in the end, more followers.

  1. Reach for High Levels on the Awesome Scale

When you write about interesting niches, you can easily reach on awesome top levels for your article. If you’re a travel blogger, write about your camping experience in Antartica, drunken party in Thailand, and similar creative topics. Unlike Buzzfeed, where there are less content and more images, your blog posts should have a balance of both, and don’t forget to share your personal, exciting stories, once in a while.

  1. Write Like You Speak & Add Humor

Regardless of your writer’s specification, always use more or less conversational tone with which the readers can relate too. Don’t compromise on the grammar either, but write in a casual conversation and think twice before you write it down. The blog is meant to be a friendly chat between you and your readers, and adding little humor or joke will pump up the value of the content. This works wonders for travel and fashion bloggers.

  1. Use Facts and Case Studies

Readers love to read something that they know is verified by facts and case studies. Avoid going overboard, as no one like to read too much about facts, but occasional certify your writing with some. This will increase your credibility among the readers, and they will find it easier to trust you for providing true information.

  1. Consider Guest Posting

Whether you’re a startup blogger or a well-renowned one, guest posting will help you drive traffic to your blog and will give you access to follower goldmine. Approach other popular blogs and write guest posts for a larger audience, which will help in attracting more readers. It will also help you brand as a credible writer and will improve your online presence.

  1. Stay Active on Social Media

Making a blog popular is all about attracting more readers and converting them into followers. Social media has become a way of life for many of us, and you can drive tremendous traffic from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to your blog by constantly updating your pages. Schedule posts every day with tools like Hootsuite and always remember to respond to comments, to interact with potential readers directly.

  1. Optimize Your Blog

Ranking higher on search engines will also drive traffic to your blog, and to achieve top positions, performing optimization is vital. Spend time learning SEO or hire a professional, and make your site optimized for ranking better on search engines like Google.

These are some of the best secrets of a top blogger that will help you achieve your blogging dreams and gain many readers in short time span.


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